FREE: Online and Live High Level Practice Management Training

Empower your member firms with six FREE 45 minute introductory live IGNITE courses so they can aspire to higher levels of success.

Firm Challenges

I have no doubt that you recognise accountancy business owners continue to face many challenges. These include compliance regulation, technology (both an ally and competitor in many countries), Covid, the Great Resignation, recruitment profitability are just a few that firms report as issues they face.

I know you are aware of these issues as I work with many Accountancy Institutes and Association leaders.

How I Can Help Serve You and Your Members

I have been an acclaimed practice management consultant to accountancy firms for over 30 years. During this time I have worked with Institutes and accountancy Associations on almost every continent. These accountancy Institutes include, ICAEW, AICPA, SAICA, ICAN, ICPAR, ICAG, ICAS, LICPA, ICPAU. I have also consulted with members of the Big 4, Grant Thornton, BDO and other members of the Top 10 accountancy branded firms.

IGNITE Practice Management ONLINE and LIVE


The full IGNITE programme which your members may find of interest, having listened to the 6 FREE introductory sessions, comprises a series of insightful and impactful practice management training modules (in total 24 hours) that deliver insights and solutions to enable firms to improve their firm management. Training complete with comprehensive manuals and valuable FREE downloads.

Your members will receive a significant discount and you will also receive Affiliate Commission.


Your members will be invited to subscribe to the full IGNITE programme at a substantial discount.
You will also receive Affiliate commission.

Terms to be agreed

Your Member Offer

I would like to offer this Practice Management training to you and your members.

What will they receive?
They will be invited to attend live, unique sessions to you covering each of the Modules

How does this work?
You promote these workshops to your members and I will deliver the training online from my Training Studio

How many sessions?
You have a choice. Either three [monthly] sessions lasting 2 hours or 6 [monthly] sessions lasting 60-75 minutes

Can you record the training?
YES, of course

Can I see a sample of the training?
Yes, of course. Here is a link to a sample of one of the modules – you can enrol for free.

Win Win revisited: No costs involved. No air costs. No hotel costs. No presenter costs. I guarantee that your members will be captivated by the insights and solutions I share.

What SAICA has Said

(South Africa Chartered Accountants)

Letter of Appreciation from SAICA to Mark Lloydbottom

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