Client Onboarding – An Aspect of Client Service that Needs Improving? (3 of 3)

In this third and final series of articles on Client Onboarding (CO) we take a deep dive into rapid growth clients and a number of technology options. 

Missed the second article? In this we looked at the importance of thanking any referral source before exploring the importance of your new client follow up. If you wish to refer back at this, please follow this link.


Is your client looking at achieving rapid growth? In this case maybe contacting the client monthly and keeping close to them is important. This will assist in helping you identify any pain points arising as a consequence of their growth trends. They may wish to lean on you for outsourced service such as management accounting, payroll or even accounting work. You will be able to identify when their systems need an upgrade. Are you able to recommend a platform that is fit for their purpose?


Now, please let me make it clear that I am not a technology expert. But I have the ability to listen and while listening to people who know a whole lot more than me, I was referred to the following Apps or websites. You might care to check these out. I do not know if they are applicable to your firm or available in your marketplace. In any event it will enable you to see the scope of what is available and at least help you to decide whether this type of technology would work for your firm. I was meeting with a client last month and she gave me a demonstration of Ignition – amazing functionality.

So, with those provisos here are a few sites to look at:

Go Proposal

Their strap line – ‘Price consistently, sell more confidently and minimise risk, with the client engagement software that enables your accounting business to grow even more profitably’.

Their introductory video
Their Linkedin page


Their strap line – ‘Zapier empowers you to automate your work across 4,000+ apps—so you can move forward, faster’.

Their blog
Their help centre
Their webinars


Their strapline – ‘Win clients. Get paid. Every time’.

Ignition makes it simple to engage clients, get paid and run your accounting or professional services business on autopilot. From impressive online proposals to automated engagement letters and payments, we free you up to focus on what matters most – your clients.

Their blog

Here is what Ignition say about onboarding on their website:

The client onboarding process is your first opportunity to set client expectations. Be careful not to over promise or create false expectations. Only offer services that you know you can deliver and set attainable goals.

It is also important to convey realistic project timelines, deliverables, and budgets, and define success using the right metrics. Make sure you have a signed engagement letter that outlines your terms of service, the scope of your services, billing practices, pricing information, and so on

With Ignition, you can automate the process of creating business proposals and engagement letters. You can customize them according to your client’s needs and get them reviewed and signed online. This can free-up valuable time to focus on more important tasks

My client feedback. As mentioned above I was recently with a client who gave me a personal demonstration of Ignition’s systems. Very impressive to say the least. From the first communication after the client says ‘Yes’, the documentation, options and tracking are all there and easy to use and navigate – both for the firm and, importantly, also for the client.

Ignition’s client onboarding video


Their strapline – ‘Practice management with collaboration at its core’.

Work, clients, planning & communication in one place. Whether your team is in the office or remote, you’re together with Karbon.

Case studies
Sage article – explore their site as you wish


Their strapline – ‘An easier way to integrate complex apps’.

Connecting apps to Xero can solve complicated problems in amazing ways. With over 1000+ apps already compatible – and businesses of all sizes now using Xero – help to choose the right apps, and use them effectively, is at hand.

Xero App store

Stacey Morrison, Old Mill accountants – Case Study

I found this case study on the Xero website. I found this interesting as once upon a time I sold a small accountancy business I had created with my partner to this very same company.

Stacey’s case study starts:

“My Xero journey started long before I joined the company as a Partner Consultant last year. In fact it began back in 2014 as a Chartered Accountant at Old Mill where I attended a Xero Roadshow and was blown away by Xero’s fresh, bright, and positively different approach to bookkeeping. As I dove further into the product throughout the ensuing years it was safe to say that I was truly smitten and had found a lifelong passion.

I felt compelled to pass the efficiencies onto as many clients as possible. But getting them onside could at times prove challenging, particularly with those who were further behind on their digital journey. It was crucial for me to have the knowledge and confidence in positioning Xero to my clients in a way that was relevant and of value to them, so together we could overcome barriers and successfully onboard them to Xero.

Since joining Xero, I have helped to develop Xero’s onboard portal, which is full of content, resources and training for partners. Designed to empower our partners to break down client onboarding barriers to help deliver a seamless Xero experience.” 

Stacey Morrison, Old Mill accountants

Interested to read more? Read the rest of Stacey’s case study here

Other articles on Client Onboarding


At the conclusion of these three articles, I trust you have found these studies of relevance. I would like to conclude by asking you to assess what your client experience looks like in the first 50 days. The first 100 days.

I referred earlier to the early days as a honeymoon. At the end of the onboarding process do you think that the client is with you for the long run?

The honeymoon period segues into your Client Care Programme. But more about that another time.